There are over 16,000 teenagers in SE Portland, & many of them have never heard the truth.  The truth that they were created with a purpose.  That they are not a mistake.  That their life does matter.  That they are not alone. 


So we show up in the lives of kids.  We love humor & adventure, but mostly, we just love kids.  We build relationships with them, hoping to one day share the Good News of Jesus with them.  Regardless of their response, we continue investing in their life, because they deserve it. 


We know life is busy.  We know you want your resources to count.  So get involved in whatever way makes sense for you.  We promise to keep investing in the lives of kids with your support.  Join us in reaching more kids this coming year, because EVERY kid deserves to know the truth.

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Student Leadership Applications Due Sept. 17th!  More Info Here!​  

Encouraging Stories

"Have We Taught Them Enough?"​ -PEYL Spring Newsletter

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