Student Leadership


There Is No Better Way To Spend Your Time!

Ten years from now, there will be nothing more rewarding than knowing you had a part in changing lives!

Make your life count! What better way can you spend your time than growing in your faith, building life-long relationships, learning leadership skills, and introducing your friends to Jesus?  You have the chance to make an eternal difference in someone’s life and change your own while you're at it! There is NOTHING better than that!  Make your life count!

Check-out the Student Leadership Brochure ​to find out more!!

Ready to apply?  Download the APPLICATION below and turn it in by Sept. 24th! 

You can answer the questions electronically or hand-write them on paper, but please answer all the questions on the application.  This is not an English class, so don't worry about your writing or grammar skills, we just want to hear your story and why you want to be a student leader!  

Student Leader Application:  SL Application 2017.docxSL Application 2017.docx

​​ *** you must be a junior or senior to apply

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